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The games division yanqing hold the 30th session of ice and snow festival joy

Date: 2015-12-27

New Beijing net 17 dec (once the light LangFengJie Liu Yang) ice cuqiu activity game, the marathon on the ice, the international children's HuaXueJie...Yanqing yanqing as one of the Beijing 2022 Olympic venue, the 30th session of ice and snow festival joy officially opened on the 17th.
In December after the Beijing games organizing committee set up, preparations for the 2022 winter Olympics entered a new stage.Is located in yanqing of northwest Beijing, is one of the division of the 2022 Beijing Olympics, will bear the alpine skiing and snow machines sled project.On December 17, yanqing the 30th session of ice and snow festival joy in Shi Jinglong ski resort.The snow and ice festival joy with "snow yanqing, passion games" as the theme, continue until the end of February 2016.
A 20 snow activity appeared five days
The next three months, ice and snow events, ice and snow tourist activity will come on stage, and 20 5 days there is a wonderful appearance.Ascent, including New Year's day, the city of ice cuqiu activity game, world of snow day and international children's marathon HuaXueJie, ice, Beijing university student alpine skiing competitions, the Beijing municipal public ski racing, etc.
's citizens love the longqingxia art festival of lanterns, visitors will be in the middle of January 2016, at the festival with the games as the core theme.The ice lanterns festival always exhibit will reach 200000 square meters, is divided into lantern exhibition area, recreation area, ice.Among them, the lights area a total of 350 sets and tens of thousands of lanterns, tens of thousands of meters of the Great Wall lamp, chandeliers, ice exhibition games elements as design concept, a total of 350 pieces of ice lanterns, 200 pieces of works on the snow ice sculpture works, 100 pieces of works.
Organizers of the Beijing 2022 Olympics will be opened on February 4, so on February 4, 2016, yanqing badaling - will be held in the small tuo mountain games are beneficial to run the challenge, then, 2022 marathon pro and lovers will run to the small tuo mountain from badaling Great Wall, meaning "watch the games at the foot of the Great Wall".
This year, in addition to the traditional project, yanqing will build a new ice paradise, create a nearly 2 square meters of outdoor skating rink, happy valley in Shi Jinglong ski resort make ice and snow, push ten thousand people in ice and snow.
Yanqing to build the city of ice and snow
This winter, yanqing was approaching 30 years of snow and ice industry.Beijing's successful bid to host the winter games, also let yanqing ice industry ushered in the new opportunities.
Known as the capital of "shall" yanqing, an average elevation of 500 meters, cold winter summer cool, annual average temperature of 8 degrees, average temperature in July and August 0.8 degrees Celsius lower than the chengde.Winter snowfall, temperature, wind, precipitation, snow depth and natural conditions suitable for ice and snow sports such as ice period.
According to statistics, in recent 10 years, yanqing average ice start and end dates respectively on November 12, and on March 31, ice period of 140 days.Nearly a decade during the Olympic and paralympic winter games, yanqing, on average, 20 cm of snow depth, maximum snow depth 65 centimeters, snow, types, good snow.
From the mid - 1980 - s, yanqing, then put forward the strategy of "cold", launched the first "ice lanterns art festival" in Beijing, held 30 consecutive terms in north China's largest, is one of the most spectacular scenery the longqingxia art festival of lanterns, for many years in Gui shall park river ice snow carnival activities such as ice sledding and snowball fights, constantly bring about Beijing winter tourism boom.According to incomplete statistics, 30 years, yanqing reception of ice and snow tourist number 23 million person-time, produces direct economic benefit of 9 billion yuan.
With the aid of the winter Olympics, yanqing will fully upgrade industries of ice and snow.Yanqing yanqing district government said that in the future, will be in accordance with the "one axis and two wings" of space layout, comprehensive build a new image "ice city".
Specifically, "one axis" refers to the winter Gui ice resources of the river as the carrier, the marathon held the ice, ice and snow carnival characteristic of winter ice sports cultural tourism activities;"Two wings" refers to the national center for alpine skiing center, national snowmobiles sled, Shi Jinglong ski resort, represented the longqingxia sea lump of mountain ice and snow tourism culture industry area and represented by the badaling ski resort in the badaling ski tourism industry.(after)