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Tenth Beijing wenbo will be closed Youth and guest "start again"

Date: 2015-12-27

New Beijing network November 1 (reporter had light) the 10th China Beijing international cultural creative industry expo concluded on November 1.Four days of activities, many young creative will lit the wenbo, with wenbo's closing, they also began a new journey.
Gen, already is the social hot word, also become a lot of young people's new career options.At the tenth Beijing wenbo has the passion of innovation, high, the figure of youth and the guest, is found everywhere.
Into the sunrise at the venue, the guest - ouchi agents of the emperor's childhood, caused the people watching.Works of art, is the central academy of fine arts designers wang lei seniors.He tells a reporter, the inspiration from the ouchi spy sensitive skill and movement, this works much like 80, 80 after childhood building blocks, but each installed magnets, any combination can be formed the shape of the fighters.
When it comes to the future, the young and the guest said "hope in the national security and the guest and guest room" of hebei province.Wang lei believes that Beijing, now the guest room, provides location more suited to the Internet and guest, and you need a large space production entity, hebei now free rent, service policy, more better.
Within the area of Beijing printing institute, Olympic bid logo ink games, 3 d printing, 3 d scanning, and many other works equally striking, a blue chubby dolls, but also attracted a lot of girls had a group photo taken.
The dolls, called "blue doodle" is the second year students Xu Sheng hui qinghai lake mascot design this year, now in order derivative puzzles, cups and other industries, has been sold in the qinghai lake.Xu Sheng hui is introduced, the design of the "blue doodle" promoting "Jane for beauty", to simplify a lot of elements, in qinghai lake landscape shape, draw the outline of the overall modelling.
"After graduation also want to continue the design", is still in school majoring in graphic design Xu Sheng hui said.
While for Zhang Youshuai, in planning the next year the App launched.He graduated from communication university of China animation professional in 2013, founded the "cat dozen tiger" 020 design service platform, which is specialized in web site optimization, roll up the door, business CARDS and other design services.Now, he and the team choose to stay at the communication university specifically for students "incubator", spent 10 dollars for renting a desk, the electricity and water.
The Beijing wenbo, Zhang Youshuai design service concept by several companies, investors' attention.The 25-year-old shandong boy, said very bullish on the Internet, 020 (namely offline business pattern) in the future, hope that the next step is introduced into the vc, creating more peripheral derivatives and services.
The 10th China Beijing international cultural creative industry exposition on October 29, the opening, closing today.During the activity, from more than 1800 Chinese and foreign cultural creative enterprises shows the cultural entertainment, animation games, radio, film and television, sports, leisure, culture, science and technology focus, create new products, new ideas in the field of industry, and of 24 a project for centralized signing, involving the value of 7.922 billion yuan.(after)