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The park planning out: 2019 will docking jingjinji tourist

Date: 2015-12-27

New net of Beijing on December 24 (xinhua had light) the park planning, 2019 Beijing announced in Beijing: will highlight shade experience, make Gui 8 kilometers long river ecological leisure belt, after the park will become a rendering large ecological park, the Beijing and tianjin docking JiXi northern region tourism resources.
2019 world horticultural exposition in Beijing, China is following the 2010 Shanghai world expo, China held the specifications of the highest and the largest in the world horticultural exposition.Beijing 2019 exposition hosted by the government of China, Beijing, 162 session of the day;Will in April 2019 in yanqing, here is one of the 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing the main division.
Recently, Beijing, China in 2019 world horticultural exposition organizing committee held in Beijing, the second session of the meeting examined and approved the "outline of Beijing China world horticultural exposition in 2019, Beijing, China in 2019 world horticultural exposition park comprehensive planning and surrounding infrastructure planning", "the world horticultural exposition in 2019, Beijing, China international flaunt" overall scheme.The action outline is 2019 Beijing programmatic document of the park, on the preparation and hosting work have important guiding significance.
The meeting pointed out that in order to guarantee the promise of the 16 million passengers, passenger flow based on the status quo of the beijing-tibet expressway, to speed up the construction of Beijing yanqing zhang inter-city feeder, xing highway, Beijing new highway out of Beijing (direction) of three communication channel.In 2016, Beijing exposition will start the ostentatious work comprehensively.
Overall layout, with all my heart, more than two axis, three belts, area
According to the exposition "comprehensive planning", fully considering the present situation of natural environmental protection, thriftily, plan as a whole after the efficient utilization of factors, will build "one, two axis, three belts, more area" the overall structure of the layout.
To be specific, the "heart", is the core of landscape area, including the China pavilion, pavilion, performing arts center, China ZhanYuan and parts of the world ZhanYuan;
"Two axis", is based on crown cap mountains, sea tuo places and form north and landscape gardening nearly east-west axis and the world gardening axis;
"Three zones: include Gui river ecological leisure, gardening life experience and horticulture science and technology development belt;
"Area", including the harmony in the blossom of the fence displays (world horticultural ZhanYuan), prosperous time flower exhibits horticultural ZhanYuan (China), spiritual home displays (natural ecological ZhanYuan), life gardening exhibits (world horticultural town + humanistic gardening ZhanYuan), education and future exhibit (gardening technology gardening ZhanYuan ZhanYuan + children);The fence in flowers of ecological demonstration area, agriculture sightseeing experience area, the green life experience horticulture demonstration area, ecological wetland experience area, life, etc.
Five characteristics: Chinese and western, forest oxygen bar
The park according to the comprehensive planning, Beijing will highlight the characteristics of five respects.
One is that reflect the exposition of the people-oriented, will highlight shade tour experience.According to introducing, will be waiting for passenger security design gardening tree-lined parking lot, forests, tree-lined promenade in the main tour line design, provide a wide range of shade space.Planning Gui 8 kilometers long river ecological leisure belt, forming natural forest oxygen bar.
The second is, reflect the cultural diversity.The zone will be rooted in the Chinese traditional culture, inheriting gardening essence, nearly three thousand years, garden features show charm of China, Beijing characteristics.At the same time, look to the world multicultural, gathered hundreds of long, for the world gardening bloom stage, meet no less than 100 official participants (countries and international organizations), unofficial 100 exhibitors from exhibitors (domestic provinces and enterprises at home and abroad) requirements.
Three is that science and technology innovation.Will make full use of its advantages in capital, science and technology innovation center, and zhongguancun industry alliance cooperation, in park planning integrated into the intelligent terminal display, human-computer interaction, robot holographic projection, molecular breeding and other high and new science and technology, abundant exhibition way, provides a unique, rich variety of interactive experience, combination of swimming, learn and joy.Use the "Internet +", big data analysis and other advanced technology, make the wisdom of the garden.
Four is, reflect ecological improvement.Will use the circulation economical ecological water system, ecological wetland purification and other advanced technology, the construction of sponge park;Scientific configuration of plant species and number, form rich variety of biological communities, make the people close to nature, one of the best places to experience the green life.
Five is, reflect industry development.Horticulture industry development belt will be based on after the use of, planning, provide high quality horticultural products trade promotion platform, improve the garden into the daily life of the masses.Horticultural industry gathering area, combining with relief function of the capital, pull the sports, culture, tourism and leisure, ecological agriculture, and other functions.
Use: after the meeting area large ecological park
After the park, how to use?According to the plan, the park will become a large regional ecological park, become the beijing-tianjin JiXi north is an important part of tourism system.
Introduction of the Beijing organizing committee the park, the park will along with the Great Wall at badaling, chung li, chengde, create many days swimming gold line;Create the annual flower show brand in Beijing, together with the surrounding areas, become gardening industry gathering area, bear the horticulture scientific research, production, exhibition, trade, and other functions;And practice the new operation management pattern, leave room for the winter Olympic Games.
Gardening town, in the future will become the designers to create, display, both endowment, leisure, and other functions, become the most professional experience to the most comprehensive gardening therapy.Plant pavilion, combined with the existing geothermal resource utilization, the construction of the exhibition greenhouse, rich in winter Beijing tourism resources.China pavilion as a main exhibition hall of Beijing flower show, will retain a BBS, press conference, exhibition, etc.International pavilion, will build a Chinese garden trading center, set up gardening products research and development, training and exchange platform.Life experience, will be the people environmental protection consciousness of gardening experience.(after)