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Beijing suburbs farmers say goodbye to the coal use clean energy

Date: 2015-12-27

China news agency Beijing on November 13 (reporter in vertical clouds) November and December is prone to heavy pollution season in northern China.Winter coal-fired boiler heating is considered to be one of the "culprit" of air pollution.Since November 5, rain, fog, haze "siege" continuously, 13, Beijing yellow warning caused heavy pollution.
Expert analysis, the process of this pollution is for Beijing and north China area affected by static unstable weather, humidity, wind speed is low, poor pollution diffusion conditions, and into the winter heating season superimposition of common coal burning pollution.
For severely, improve air quality, reduce carbon, as early as in 2001, Beijing downtown residents started the "coal to clean energy" project of heating in winter, referred to as the "coal to electricity.In 14 years, realize the basic heating core area of Beijing coalification, 310000 urban residents enjoy the clean, convenient, safe and affordable electric heating.
"Coal to electricity" is not only benefit the residents of the urban core, also benefit the suburb areas.Since 2013, Beijing started in rural areas "reduced in coal, coal clean air" of coal to electricity engineering.
The reporter walks into Beijing huairou YangSong Town west tree line 13 village villagers gui-qing li home, she told reporters: "since last year after the use of energy storage type electric heater in the home, I don't have to wait on the stove, no coal pollution, clean and convenient, room temperature can reach more than 15 degrees Celsius.
Chen jh also said excitedly, the village after the implementation of coal to electricity, not only can maintain relative stability of heating temperature, also can replace coal, purify the air.In winter, the village will not smoke by coal-fired heating again.
Storage electric heater is the use of low electricity heating energy storage at night in the daytime cooling way, than the average of the thermal storage heaters save electricity, the villagers save a lot of electricity.Chen jh said: "this year for rural residents to enjoy low price subsidy policy, government subsidies to 2 cents per kilowatt-hour, you only need to pay 1 cent.
Starting this year, the Beijing municipal government to increase peak valley price subsidies for rural areas, rural residents coal to electricity while enjoying low electricity prices, on the basis of RMB 0.3 per watt, again by the municipal, district and county levels for financial subsidies every degree of 0.1 yuan.The move greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of farmers to use electric heating.
"Today the villagers the will of coal to electricity is very strong."Chen jh, said.Using electric heating not only improved the air quality, but also save the villagers expenses, Chen jh calculated brushstroke zhang, winter heating season last year, every household electricity in the village of about 8000 degrees, electricity is 2400 yuan, only half is much cheaper than the price of the coal.
The reporter sees in huairou YangSong Town north feng village, more than 30 workers are installing power transformer, coal to the electrical voltage transformation.According to its Chinese xu-dong qian, director of the Beijing huairou electric power company Marketing Department said, after change the low-tension wire, can make the power supply capacity increase 3 times.
This year, is located in the north of Beijing huairou district, a total of seven village "coal to electricity," the two mountains, plains 5, benefiting 1887 villagers.Next year the transformation size will be bigger, involving more than 3000 farmers.
Commissioner of Beijing electric power company Marketing Department on rural China power grid Wang Shen introduction, according to the city overall plan, this year in Beijing chaoyang, haidian, shijingshan, changping and miyun, huairou rural implementation of 14 counties such as coal to electricity outside power supply project, involving 168 village, residents benefit about 50000 households.Strive to by 2017, Beijing suburb rural areas will achieve 250000 coal to electricity engineering.
At present, the Beijing coal electricity user population has reached 384500 m, with each city residents during the heating season 384500 worth 1 tons of coal combustion, rural residents 384500 worth 4 tons of coal combustion calculation, is expected to reduce winter heating period, about 608000 tons of coal.(after)