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Beijing by the end of the millions of acres of afforestation of plain Form a ring city forest belt

Date: 2015-12-27

China news agency Beijing on December 16 (reporter in vertical clouds) after four years of afforestation, so far, Beijing has complete plain afforestation of 1.1 million mu.Adsense rong-huan li said the Beijing municipal forestry workstations, the plain afforestation mission objectives to 1.11 million mu is 1700 mu, the end of the year will be fully completed.
Reporter 16 came to be known as one of the five sand injury zone of Beijing changping nankou, eyes wasteland bunker into the vast woodlands, rows of towering trees, the neat.Vice director of office of Beijing changping district green Wang Xia said, when the nankou sand ground, size bunker constantly.Spent 6 billion yuan, changping district by shutting down coal bunker, landfill, measures such as the hazards of control afforestation and the environment has been greatly improved.
In order to improve the air quality, improve the ecological environment, Beijing launched in 2012, the implementation of "plain, one million mu of afforestation project".The project was called the largest in history, most of the plain afforestation project to plant trees, then the party and government officials are to take the lead in tongzhou district of Beijing lake town planted the first piece of wood.
Beijing through afforestation for four years, a lot of the areas with the green waste sand pit, the beach, surrounding the city to form large forest area more than ten thousand acres, more than 30 complete plain afforestation of 1.1 million mu, the plain area of forest coverage rate increased from 14.85% to 25%, the forest surrounding the city landscape has been preliminarily revealed.
According to rong-huan li, will be completed by the end of the year "one million mu of plain afforestation project", next year will be fully entered the stage of scientific maintenance.At present Beijing established 162 trees maintenance team, maintenance worker 19800 people, after next year has entered into the phase of maintenance, the maintenance workers will develop to 50000 people.
"Three planting, seven parts maintenance".Rong-huan li said, forestry department has introduced digital management platform, the use of satellite navigation and positioning, real-time monitoring, dynamic monitoring, at any time record forest diseases and insect pests, fire antifreeze, pruning, watering seedlings painted white.
The forestry sector also launched a tree maintenance and scientific management mode, the forest land is divided into four levels to carry on the fine management, district township government is the first person, who is who is in charge of trees, take "season patrol inspection, month" mode, which link problems will reduce the allocated funds.
According to introducing, the agricultural structure adjustment, Beijing will continue to promote the greening afforestation construction in the plains states, by 2020, the new green land, 380000 mu of forest, forest coverage rate reached 30% or more of the plain area, large scale urban forest will form around the city.(after)